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As for today’s needs, I think we need something with a little more grunt than the 5.56, but I have no suggestions any better than what others have mentioned.That said, what would a necked down 30AR cartridge do?
If the military wants our soldiers armed with something that sends more 'ummmph' at the enemy than the 5.56, then instead of switching to an untested cartridge, why not just do what the Brits did and adopt LMT's 7.62/.308 MWS?

The 7.62mm is a cartridge the military already has experience with, and the MWS is not just a top-tier '.30-cal AR,' but it's based on their proven MRP platform which allows for easy barrel changes in the field. That, in theory, would allow operators to change over to any barrel with a 308-derivative chambering (provided LMT or a sub-contractor made such a barrel).

The MWS is a familiar 'AR-pattern' platform, has the same modularity and ergonomics as it's 5.56 counterpart, can run a fixed or collapsible stock, uses common SR-25 type magazines, and barrels can be had in various lengths from 16"-20", in standard C/L or SS SPR type, depending on the mission specs or the operator's requirements.

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