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Gun shows seem to be hit or miss for me. After several depressing ones, I wrote them off for a few years. Then on a whim I went to one with my daughter a couple of years ago and was pleasantly surprised. I saw several carcanos for 300 or less. Swiss milsurps were expensive but I saw some darn good shape German k98s for 700 to 800. A good shape 24/47 with matching numbers was sold for 350 (I thought that was a steal but I already have one numbers matching).

Then I went a year later with my son. Sucked again. Not much milsurp there, but whatever was had a 50% price premium. On a whim I asked one guy who had a non matching 91/30 he wanted 500 for if he would take 350. I was told price was absolutely non negotiable. I laughed at him.
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