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BobCat45: You are welcome. I think its important that people know there might be a decent solution. Taping it to the glasses is a bit gauche I guess but I don't care. I may try a pair of goggles yet and leave them full time.

I have had two pistol sessions that were just plain fun since I got them.

I have two really good pistols that I was able to shoot (hand rested, I am over 60 and I don't have the upper body strength I did but have plans to work on that).

The early pistol shooting was my entertainment and I was good at it. Hell of a great feeling to be able to just do it even if I am not that good anymore.

The rifle was amazing to shoot 110 yards with a V notch rear (the front is really good wide one)

I am going to take the 1903A3 out and see how that shoots with its thinner front blade.
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