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The Lyman EyePal Works! (for old eyes)

If you are the typical my eyes were fine until I hit 45 and then your near vision started going South, these may be a solution for Iron Sights.

I have not been able to see the sights on my pistols since it began and had given up shooting them other than making sure they still worked.

The Eyepal setup is incredible. Even with a pistol I can see the rear, front and the target clearly. I had the 22 and 41 magnum down at the range and it was just like I was 20 again (seeing, I can't hold nearly as well as I could when I was working construction and had the upper body strength of a mule)

With the rifles I could shift to a scope but have also shot a very respectable 1.5 inches at 110 yards with a 1911 7.5 Swiss with the Iron sights.

The only downside is the so called electro static part does not work well or glasses and Eyepal disk needed to be warmer.

I just used some tape to attach them to the glasses and that was perfectly fine.

They are a bit position sensitive and my larger lens glasses work better than my smaller lens backup glasses.

I will see about getting a fake pair and just stick the Eyepal disk to them and keep in the shooting box.
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