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Wheeler Engineering and Weaver Customer Service review:

Howdy all, I have a few punch sets for my gunsmithing needs and recently had two punches break on me.
First one was from Wheeler Engineering, I called with the kit number, parts number and lot number, the customer service rep was very helpful and said they'd ship out my replacement punch right away, I'll have it in about a week.

Weaver however was much less accommodating. I gave them the kit number and part number and they said that it is under warranty, however the part is back ordered since August and they don't have any to ship. I said "no problem, just take my order and when they're available, just ship one out to me" ...and... they said they don't do that, there's no list. I was told to call back in December to see if they're available yet. So I asked the customer service rep is they still sell this kit and they said yes. So I said ", you have enough product to fill the kits and sell, but not enough to service customers who've already purchased your tools and need a replacment"? And he said that was correct. SO, Weaver is interested in selling you tools, but not interested in warrantying them when they fail. Keep that in mind when you buy a Weaver product in the future.
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