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double check

I just looked at my log book. My first matches were 15 shot strings, so maybe I didn't do THAT bad, but I was not in the 170's with 20 rd strings on my first match. So....good for you again.

I got a hoot out of F-T/R. I'd never shot at anything that far.....600 yds. I finally made a couple of 1000 yd shoots as well, and that seemed even worse. But, you apply your comeups, hold and squeeze, and darn if the target doesn't go down and up and there's a hit the thing.

I'm glad I did it, but I was never a competitor. The big thing was cost, day off work, 150 rds ammo, a room, meals away from home, it was an expensive weekend. Now components have doubled, I just got out. Pretty decent F-T/R rifle in the safe that's not been shot in 3 years.
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