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Originally Posted by Spats McGee
I am having a bit of a dilemma over which rifle to take, though. I have a 10/22, but it doesn't have the doohickeys to easily mount a sling, and it does have a scope (which I'm not sure I want to use).
A 10/22 is an ideal Appleseed rifle - in theory. But there are certainly other viable options if you're comfortable shooting those.

I have a 10/22 ideally set up for Appleseed (i.e., sling, peep sights) but I used my CZ452 UltraLux bolt rifle instead. In the end, your shots need not be perfect, but "good enough". The thing is, the margins between scoring rings get pretty small and the timer's running, so as long as I work the bolt and don't putz around between shots, I felt my accurate bolt rifle would be the better option over my so-so accurate semi-auto. I made Rifleman on my 2nd attempt, so I don't think I made bad call .

Originally Posted by Spats McGee
I guess I'll scour the old threads for tidbits of information.
Couple o' pointers:

• As mentioned, you don't need to make the perfect shot. Just don't make a bad one. IOW, don't sit there guzzling time trying for a perfect shot. You won't get through the string, and you don't need a perfect score anyway. Instead, see a shot that's "good enough", take it cleanly, and quickly move to the next & repeat. Conversely, don't let the timer pressure you into making bad pot shots, either. Again, you don't need perfect shots, but bad ones are really costly.

• If you're using a bolt rifle, immediately work the bolt after a shot and while you're transitioning to the next target, rather than after. And don't lift your head (i.e. break your cheek weld) while working the bolt.

• Hurry up and wait. In between strings, you're given the chance to go back to your gear to reload mags. Do that, and only that, then get back to the firing line and wait for the next command. Don't spend the time gabbing or fussing with your gear. If you do, you'll be hurried and not have your head in the right place when "fire" is called.

• When I went, the staff were familiar with, used and demo'd USGI slings. I had a 1907 sling, which, fortunately, I knew how to use (because they had no idea). If you're going to use something other than a GI sling, be sure you know how to use and adjust it ahead of time.

• IIRC, reloads are involved, so when setting up your gear at the firing line, specifically and consistently set your mags such that you can just reach down for a new one without searching for it.

• Bring a big thick pad for your support elbow. You'll spend a lot of time prone, and something under your support elbow would be very nice to have .

Good luck and let us know how it went!
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