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There are a lot of limitations at most ranges and what is allowed on those ranges have little "practical value" in real world situations. Some practice is still better than no practice. The crazy thing is that I had never done IPSC before and did pretty well my first time out. The skills gained from being able to draw and fire, engage multiple targets, rapid fire (in a controlled manner), rapid reloads, low light drills, and shooting while moving will prepare you for any real world encounters far better than slow fire from a stationary position at a stationary target. Try and stick to the more "practical" shooting disciplines rather than fully tricked out guns since it is best to practice with what you shoot.

I was very fortunate that my sister's friend invited us to shoot with the club she is a member of. We get to practice all of the drills mentioned above (minus low light since we shoot in the morning) plus shooting from retention, strong hand, weak hand, shooting while moving forward, shooting while retreating, Tueller drills with a dummy coming towards us, shooting from cover, Bill drills, turning and shooting (turning, then drawing, and shooting), plus more I'm probably forgetting. They focus on shooting what they actually carry and make sure to avoid "gaming" up the training. Good hits are more important than outright speed, but you don't want to be the last guy shooting either.

Moving targets would be interesting. The problem is the RC car would have to be fairly robust to handle carrying a target and moving quickly enough to present a challenge.
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