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Tom, Thanks for the wisdom. Shipping firearms isnt something I do on a regular basis at all. Last time I shipped one it was a rifle back to the manufacturer for repair 30 years ago. I really do appreciate you responding to my post.....thanks

As for the shipping and label, I will use only my name as the shipper to the FFL holder address not the sons address that should cover me. I was never going to ship to the son. I know I cant ship handguns to the sons address. It will be up to the FFL holder that I ship to and son to do the form 4473 and NCIC check. It will be on them to do the lawful thing. I've been sitting on these guns for over 2 years because of the court backlog and I'm ready for them to be in the rightful owners hands.

Of the 8 FFL dealers in TOK, AK this guy is the only one that has responded to my inquiry of shipping to him and I have called and sent email to all 8.

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