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SureFire X300 A Pain

Not trying to resurrect the thread but responding to the comment about Surefire X300 product and IMO it is a bad choice because of mounting difficulty and routine maintenance.

First let me report that I just bought one from Gander Mountain at ⅓ off clearance, perhaps because it is being discontinued by the company or they just can’t sell them.

There are two ways to mount the light: 1. the sloppy way using a cheap bracket that I am concerned would be destined for failure and 2. the rock solid mount the MSRP $350.00 vs $300.00 actual retail and now discounted where available to $200.00 light that requires you to be able to get to six small allen screws to remove at the bench every time you have to change batteries.

I find the X300 to be a bad choice and will be returning the product to the store.
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