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I always try to make the purchase make sense, I have a streamlight on my HD weapon, the light was expensive {its got the laser that you can only see with night vision goggles}, but that is a $3000 gun, For me to spend $500 on a light i think the gun would have to be like $7000, lol...

I have streamlight flash lights, I have the big flashlight and mount on my yotey gun, I have 2 tlr1's {1 came with my les baer recon, the other I bought a LONG time ago...}, 2 tlr2's, and another tlr2 with the larger light... 4 of them are not mounted on guns, just sitting in the safe, I used to just put a light on anything with a rail, until I realised it doesnt make sense, I like a light on my hd weapon because I have tried it all 3 ways, holding the light, no light, and mounted light, the mounted light makes a much better gun for me...
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