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For what its worth, there are a lot of people out there that don't know if they shoot with both eyes open or not.

They are concentrating on fundamentals and not their eyeballs

I've noticed this a lot the last 30 years or so.

Just last week in one of my classes I had one lady was shooting if what I considered a near perfect standing position. I had everyone in the class stand back and watch her shoot. No movement what so ever, she didn't even blink when the hammer fell.

About 15 minutes later the one vs. two eyes were the best. Then the lady I mentioned said she always shot with one close. The other girls looked at her like she was nuts. I told her she did indeed shoot with both eyes open, she didn't believe me until the other girls told her she did have both eyes open.


Closing one eye is like plugging up one ear, it screws up your equilibrium. In defense situations it doesn't matter, chances are you are under three yards and you'll be point shooting anyway.

If target shooting, if you have difficult with your sight alignment with both eyes, then take something and block off the lens of your shooting glasses, for the non dominant eye so it doesn't distract you.

This works also for rifle shooting for someone who is left eye dominant and shoot the rifle right handed. Blacked out the left lens so you have to use your right or non dominant eye.
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