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I shoot with both eyes open, but I have to work up to it every time. It's like my brain forgets it's training. I am right handed, but left eye dominant. When I shoot right handed and leave both eyes open I have trouble bringing in the sights.

I also have this problem with scopes, if I shoulder a scoped rifle with both eyes open, I just won't see through the scope until I close my left eye, then I can open my left again and maintain the scope picture as well.

After having these issues for several minutes (maybe as long as 30 minutes) I seem to become used to it, and I can shoot with both eyes open for extended sessions without any problems. rifle, pistol, and scoped rifle.

When I finish and come back the next day, or the next week or whatever. I will have to work up to being able to shoot with both eyes open again. It kind of annoys me that I have to re-train every single time, this has been happening for many years.

Maybe I'm a freak of nature.
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