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Trijicon RX30-23

Just clicked buy on amazon, new w/ next day shipping $560, best I've found with the throw lever mount (seen the mount sold for 136 at optics planet), my LGS wanted 590 + tax with the weaver mount (screw on), so felt $560 w/ shipping no tax and the mount I wanted. Now just nervous about the front factory iron sight. I plan on going through the hoops of getting a short barrel sometime this year and plan on shifting the new optic over to that weapon. But for now I'm happier than a pig in slop.

Reasons for this choice,
They do have an RX34 which still has the 42 mm optic but with a 4.5 moa dot vs 6moa. I went with 6moa figure will still perform well at 100 yards and should have no issue with target acquisition regardless of lighting condition or background.

The RX01 (24 mm optic) just seemed to small for two eye operation

I like the way the EO techs look (they've gotten shorter over the years) however I swear I hate how grainy the image is, I dunno, maybe its in part with my eyes, but that 6moa dot is crisp as can be for me when I demo'd the trijicon.
The battery deal wasn't a con for me with the EO but it was more of a plus with the trijicon.

Any opinions welcome, I should receive it tomorrow and I'm off on friday, so I'll try to give my input after my first day out on the range.
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