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buying an FN

Just recently I put aside once and for all any hope of one day owning the Garand.As supplies dry up, this rifle is getting more and more expensive. Therefore I made this decision I will buy or trade for either the Egyptian FN or the MAS 49. I am even considering the Soviet Tokarev SVT 40. Push comes to shove I may settle for the Soviet SKS. Right now the only American rifle I own is the M1917, and she is mixed, so the very best I could do with her is $650. Really not sure how I feel about trading her right now. Anyway not to highjack the thread; I hear good things about the FN I hear she is reliable and fun to fire. Normally when I go hunting I take one of my Milsurps, but a good semi would give me a distinct edge. Particularly if I went after one of the Predators like the bear C&R Buds website puts her between $600, and $900.
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