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FN-49 AL Questions

Hello everyone. You guys seem to know your stuff, and I am a complete NEwb. (going hunting first time this year)

I have picked up a FN-49 from a friend. I got it to deer hunt...and just think its plain cool. It has AL stamped on it which is for Luxemburg...correct? Made in the 50's? also has this flaming bomb symbol on it in front of the the number "1"....(pic)its serial number is in the 2000 range.

It has the letter "A" stamped near the far sight(pic), like where a bipod would attach.

I downloaded the owners manual (thank you for the link) but I want to make sure I know about it before I use the wrong ammo or something. I have a 30.06 correct?

It has a s&k scope mount on it.
Any other info you could give me would be very appreciated. I have learned a ton from you guys already. thanks.

Ok...I have no idea how to post pics on here. Its asking for a URL.

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