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i paid around 375, the store i bought it from normally fairly knowledgeable had no clue about it and said that they couldnt find rounds for it and anyone who came in and looked for it wouldnt buy it without at least 2 boxes of ammo. I started trying to find information on it. If it turns out to be a reproduction i wont be hurting on the money. I wouldnt have bought it for anywhere near 2k. I am one of those odd balls that feel that something should be used and ive shot about 4 boxes of ammo through it. I still will need to get the materials to reload my brass becuase finding .44 colts is a pain in the ass.

any way you look at it though its a smoother firing weapon than my SA XD .45. I would hope that it is authentic but like I said I use the pistol. It sits on a shelf beside a box of rounds always ready for me to load it and take it up on my hill with the 4 wheeler.
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