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Help again, Egyptian FN 49

Question about the left handed Egyptian again. I broke rifle down for stock repair, inspection. The reciever cover locking key would not budge. It took a mallet and elbow grease to turn. Upon removal I noticed the guide rod? under reciever cover was bent. The locking key retainer "washer" was peaned up against rear of cover making it very very difficult to rotate. It appears bolt slammed up against it so hard on that last shot that it mashed rear inside of cover. I carefully filed mashed retainer down, so I can now turn it. Is there any prescribed rear travel distance for bolt on firing? Is it the proper function to slam against reciever cover? Would anyone recommend a small "buffer" of sorts over the guide rod, snugged up against back of cover? Also is there supposed to be any recoil lug inletted in the stock? As is I can see this stock taking a real pounding after any prolonged use. And I wanna use it.
Thanks CTK
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