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R. Demon, your comments on the asphaltum sealant in military ammo case necks and additives in powders used in them don't reflect what I've experienced. They've have had no impact on accuracy and barrel life in both myself as well as many others wearing out match grade barrels. We've got the same accuracy fall off with 7.62 military sealed ammo with additives in powder and commercial .308 unsealed ammo with no additives in powder for the life of the barrels. It is the same rouind count as one of the USA's best match bullet makers got with their match grade barrels testing 30 caliber match bullets for accuracy. Typically 3000 rounds before accuracy degraded by 30 to 40 percent. The same number test barrels used at the arsenal got testing 7.62 match and service grade ammo; all with asphaltum and powder additives you mention as told to my by one of their ballistic engineers. Therefore I can only conclude that all those addititives and sealants have no effect on neither barrel life nor accuracy.

I've not noticed any significant difference in how dirty barrels were whether or not additives or sealant was in the ammo or not. And I've worn out more than a few barrels with both ammo types.
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