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jehu, I don't think my first two sentences in my post are conflicting. The first one's about bullets; the second about cases. The third sentence covers bubba's old Wolf cases coated with lacquer sold to the original poster and he gums up his fine bolt action hunting rifle. Wolf only coated cases, not bullets.

Less than 2% of barrel wear is caused by bullet jackets; they're much softer than barrel steel. The other 98%'s caused by hot buring gasses at high pressure and improper cleaning; virtualy all in the first inch or two of the rifling. If that weren't true, then bore and groove diameters starting a few inches down the bore would not remain virtually the same for thousands of rounds. Some folks have set back .308 Win. barrels 2" twice from starting out at 28 inches long and no accuracy degradation's been observed after 5000 to 7000 rounds per length..
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