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I see all the time that "we live in nice neighborhood with very low crime rate... so it should be OK". At one time, I also believed that but not anymore.

This actually happened to my mom few years back, who lives in very nice neighborhood with very low crime..

She came home one day from work early, with her dog (a little maltese) who accompanies her all the time. She didn't find anything out of ordinary when she walked in through front door (all locked, nothing out of place), went into kitchen and came face to face with a guy she never saw before. She froze in place, as did the guy that was in the kitchen, and what happened next is the ONLY thing that saved her IMO.

Her dog, a little 5lb maltese, jumped out of her arms and went after the guy, the guy freaked out and went out the kitchen window (which he broke to get in) and ran away. It appears the guy broke the window and got in few moments before my mom pulled into driveway. Since kitchen is all the way in the back of the house, you can't really hear car pulling into the driveway. He was startled as much as my mom, and when the dog went after him, it must've scared him away.

She called the cops and they showed up 15 minutes later. If the guy had ANY intention of hurting her, or not been such a noob burglar, situation could've turned much worse.

I told my mom to feed that maltese well and get him a pal to play with - a nice big rottweiler or a boxer. She didn't, but from that point on, both my parents now use the home security system. Which they had all along but never used - they rarely if ever armed it prior to this.
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