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All this training is paying off

This is somewhat of an after action report. THERE WAS NO ACTION BUT I REACTED CORRECTLY ANYWAY.

I was sitting in my office doing the little bit of computer work that I always seem to need to do. As I sat some ice fell off the roof and slammed into the overhang breaking a window below. The ice impacting on the roof sounded like someone breaking in and the glass break only helped matters. Being that my back was to that side of the building three things happened without me realizing them.

1. My strong hand cleared my cover garmet and indexed my G27 in my Iwb remora holster.

2. My support hand came up to my chest to complete my draw stroke.

3. I swivled my chair in that direction while beginning my draw.

As I swivled that way I could imediatly see the "threat" was a simple Ice dam falling from our roof. My pistol never cleared the holster obviously. It is nice to have a real startled reaction with no training stimuli and no expectation of a threat. Figured I would share.

Reason I bring it up here is that I can't be the first to have had something like this happen to them. I was supprised how fast I reacted and how spot on my 1/2 draw stroke was. Anyone else care to share similar expirences.

Regards, Vermonter
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