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Group of the day boys and girls...

So forgive me for not posting pics... too lazy to but I still have the target so I can post later. Group of the day was .321 center to center from 142 gps measured yards. That's .23 moa. I wanted to set up at 150 on the money but I would've been behind a dike and wouldn't be able to see the target. Best group was the first 5 rounds after the fouling shot with Federal factory ammo. The next group was trying a different load... 1.85 inches or something like that. That load is a no-go. The third group was with my pet load... .389 inches. After that, fouling started opening the groups up to around .7 moa or so (I'm not a bench shooter so I don't clean during a range session). My group at 300 yards was 2.013, again with pet load. Running short of time so that was the only group @ the 300. I'm shooting .270 Winchester, BTW.

Shooting is from the prone with bipods. Rifle is an old pre-accutrigger Savage 110 that I've re-barreled, among other things. I've spent years dialing this rifle in... it's about time it started making me proud.
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