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Jimbob, you do go through a NICS check to buy a gun from a dealer. Only difference is when and where you go through it from what you've said.

Much like another debate going on in here over mental health issues, and due process for restricting them from gun ownership. They go through their due process when they get adjudicated, which is why they don't have to again when they're denied firearms.

Edit: Alabamashooter, I'm not sure "closing the loophole" has any bearing on that exactly... private sales are rarely a "right now" event. You have to find what you want for sale, where you can buy it.. arrange a price, meeting etc. Also "closing the loophole" everywhere I've seen has made no mention of adding any sort of wait period. Some states have already done so, and some of those some states have even added a wait period... but no more so than going to a store where you can find what you want RIGHT NOW.
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