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Here's how it's done in Nebraska:

I don't do a NICS check to buy a gun from a dealer.

We a have a "Firearm Purchase Certificate", issued by the County Sherriff (Shall Issue). You go in, fill out the application, pay $10, and they do a background check, including NICS. In 3-5 days, they mail you your Certificate, good for 3 years. The Nebraska Concealed Handgun Permit is a valid substitute for this. It's just a piece of paper saying your CSO did a background check on you...... your "I'm-not-a-felon card."

When you go buy a gun from a dealer, you fill out a 4473, and instead of calling in for the NICS, they write down your FPC and Driver's License #'s (or your CHP # ...- DL because the FPC has no picture, I think). We NEVER hear "the computer is down"....

All the guys I know that sell a gun in a private sale require a FPC and DL or CHP to be shown ...... nobody wants to sell a gun to a prohibited person.

Why can't this be done everywhere?
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