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I don't think you overreacted. Every place i've ever hunted deer had a strict "shoot on sight" rule for unaccompanied dogs. I was told this was due to idiots not picking up all of their dogs after hunting them and due to jerks dumping unwanted dogs after season. Feral dogs can be very dangerous and should be viewed as you would any other large, potentially dangerous animal in the wilderness.

I am not one to advocate "ratting" someone out to the Game Warden, but if this was family land or a hunting lease, i would ABSOLUTELY notify the club or the landowner/family. If this was on public hunting land, i would seriously consider letting the local Game Warden know what happened and that i felt threatened almost to the point of needing to shoot the animals. I would include a description of the other "hunter" who may or may not have been running deer with the dogs (not always legal, depending on season and your state). He could have been hunting hogs with them, which i think is usually OK, depending on your state's laws. Either way, a good hunter controls and monitors his dogs and would have been apologizing for the situation.

Just my opinion.
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