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Your probably not getting many responses because coyotes are different and react differently across the land. In S Texas, they move at night during the summer because it's too hot during the day. As it cools down, you might see them in the AM or extremely late. A shoulder shot is good one. I won't call in one place more than 10 minutes and will travel at least a mile before trying again. Once the gun has gone off, they run. You'll probably never call those coyotes again- they're an extremely smart animal. I highly doubt you'll sneak up on a coyote so skip the walking. Get into a setup, wait about 10 minutes, call for 1 minute. wait 2 minutes, call 30 seconds, wait another 2 minutes, call again 30 seconds, each time lowering the volume of the call. All of the above works in S Texas, it may not work at all in Ill. Local knowledge is yer best friend. I'd be asking someone from the area how to hunt them.
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