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I have one. Shorter barrel though - 4 5/8" I believe.

Outstanding S/A trigger. Not a S&W model 17,,,but pretty darn close.

Possibly the worst D/A trigger in the world.

The stock sights are pretty good.

The .22lr cylinder on mine is practically unusable due to having been dry fired.

Never, I repeat, never dry fire one!

Yes. Depending on how much you paid, they are worth keeping. Mine fills the .22mag niche, so not having the .22lr capability anymore is not an issue.
Mine also favors .22mag over .22lr, so again, not having the .22lr is no great loss.

The one thing I do miss though, is the ability to use .22CB caps and/or .22shorts. .22 CB caps are pretty good decent control rounds.

H&R .22 revolvers used to be staple items for coon hunters and young trappers (kids 11 to 15) back when I was growing up (1960's).
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