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Savage/Stevens 311H action question

I recently aquired this shotgun used. I was informed on another thread that if the top snap (is this the correct term for the lever that opens the action?) is all the way to the left with the action closed, there is serious wear and the gun needs work.
However, it seems that the action is more solidly locked up with the top snap farther to the left than center. The tip of the top snap is claw shaped and with it all the way to the left with the action closed, there is more metal-to-metal locking it up.
Is this a problem for moderate use, an indication of serious wear, a real problem, or what?

Don't know if I can shoot the piece as is, or do I need to get me hence to a gunsmith. The gun is in great shape internally, just had some sear to the thin varnish on the wood and surface rust. Evidently shot little and stored damp for a while.

Any advice?
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