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I still use ammonia

In the form of ammonium hydroxide.
26 degree ammonia works great. there is no corrosion caused by the use of ammonia. Unclenickis right.
When I was working on my M.S. in Chemical Engineering I did some in depth research in it while working at Rock Island.

It came from General Pershing, he used anhydrous ammonia which stripped the bore's of their rifles the next day there was rust. Result ammonia is bad.
the ammonia even removed all oils from the barrels and were not treated afterwards, exposing them to humid atmosphere of the southern United States and Panama. his guns would be washed until there was no more "BLUE" in them. The men would need to wear gas masks while working.
The old two grove 30-40 krag rifle would then shoot with amazing accuracy.
Some of the bores would turn black but had no other ill effects. “ later proven to be a alloy mixture in the steel during manufacture.
It was later decided to drop the ammonia wash because it was impractical on the battle field to wash then shoot , trying to beat out the rusting of the barrels.
Back then oils were blended, usually fish oils, that did not protect that well. If they were lucky oil from the sperm whale was preferred for bores.
Saying ammonia causes corrosion is like looking at the planet Venus “this really happened” and seeing clouds and thinking rain. Well if there is rain on Venus there must be jungle and if there is jungle on Venus there must be dinosaurs on Venus.
Conclusion Venus has dinosaurs.
Conclusion of General Pershing, ammonia causes corrosion.
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