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I've used Montana Xtreme Boare Solvent for awhile now. It does have ammonia in it, but as stated earlier, it's not a formulation that will harm barrel metal. It is excellent on removing copper and carbon fouling from barrels, and I have seen some guys use it if they want to completely remove all of the moly buildup in their barrels after shooting moly bullets.

You really owe it to yourself to try it! It cuts down on cleaning time by 1/2. Also, if you shoot Military Surplus rifles it can do several things for you. It can easily clean out all of the residual cosmolene from a barrel. It neutralizes the corrosive salts in military surplus ammo, and it's great on Black Powder firearms.

As I stated earlier .... the ammonia in QUALITY gun cleaning solvents does NOT harm barrel metal. Can you imagine the fallout for a company that intentionally put metal corrosive chemicals in their cleaning agents?
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