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Ammonia can and will damage steel.

I've never understood WHY someone will spend large amounts of money on an expensive firearm, obsess over the "right" ammo to use, agonize over the "best" lubricant to use..... then dump God knows what down the bore to clean it.
Usually, their excuse is "It woks and it's CHEAP".

This is a real case of "Penny wise, Dollar foolish".
I've seen way to many guns damaged or ruined by this.
How much money they save over commercial bore solvents doesn't add up compared to the risk to the gun.

Ammonia as used in BORE SOLVENTS is a different chemical than the common ammonia they buy in grocery stores.
Yes, some bore solvents can damage a bore if you leave it in too long, which is why you should read the label on the bottle.
Some bore cleaners, like Hoppe's #9 can be left in the bore forever with no harm.
Bore solvents aren't so expensive as to cost you significant money versus the cost of the gun.

So, dumping household ammonia into a gun barrel isn't smart, may ruin the barrel, but man, it sure is cheap.
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