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Is Ammonia harmful to bores?

Over in the "Gear and Accessories" column is a thread titled"I made this cleaning stand today"
It is a nice fixture to hold a bbl'ed action vertical .Thanks,OP,for the idea!
It leaves me with a question.Let me say first,no direspect to the OP of that thread,and I am willing to find out that I am wrong,and learn something.
The OP is using it to fill his barrel with ammonia to soak for several hours,to remove metal fouling.
Can we get some feedback as to whether this is good practice?
My impression from reading the labels of products like Shooters Choice or maybe Sweets is that 15 minutes or so is OK ,but prolonged soaks with ammonia may etch the bore.
My intent is not about a whiz contest.If this is harmful advise,it would be sad to degrade a lot of rifle if folks experiment.
If I am wrong,I'm happy to learn
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