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Would you, would you NOT, shoot Bigfoot?

I don't believe in Bigfoot. I mean, I really don't, I think it is on the same realm as "smiling dog", "slender man" (ask your elementary school student) or the Bogeyman for us old timers.

But... If I really really encountered one, I'd totally wax him (or her).

How about you?

PS: I changed my mind. What if it was a dude in a suit?
But... I'd totally dump a full mag on a UFO.

Now the question is serious. Would you shoot a strange unknown creature if you found it? (assuming you know with certainty it is definitely NOT human of course!).
Assume also, if you will indulge, that you are in a place where discharging a firearm is legal, are that you are not concerned about hunting/game laws. Maybe you are not located in the US.

Man, I should've posted a poll!
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