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There is a happy medium between the ultra short Shockwave type guns that suffer from not having a stock, and a conventional standard length shotgun.
That's the bullpup.

Probably the best of them in a pump model is the Kel-Tech KS7.
It's much simpler then the complex double magazine Kel-Tec KSG, or any of the other bullpup designs, all of whom are odd-ball designs that are overly complicated.

Over all length of the KS7 is 26 inches, with an 18 1/2 inch cylinder bore barrel.
It holds 7 standard 2 3/4 inch shotgun shells, in the single magazine tube and is a 3 inch chambered gun.
It's light in weight, easy to sling or carry in a pack, and VERY handy into action.
It's far shorter then a conventional shotgun, and unlike the Shockwave types it has a butt stock that offers excellent control and fast shot on target.
The KS7 is actually .37 inch SHORTER then the stockless shockwave gun.

It offers the option of exchanging the carry handle-sight and installing a standard Pickatinny rail that allows mounting any type of sighting system.

Unlike Kel-Tec guns of the past, their new designs like the KS7 are reliable, mature designs that you can count on.
I've heard of several people who fish or work in bear infested woods who sling a KS7 over their back with a sling.
They say that due to the light weight and short length it rides out of the way, but can be swung into action fast.

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