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Agreeing with most. Get it cooled as soon as possible. I've not found that aging elk or deer is necessary. Wild meat tends to be finer grained than beef and the aging isn't necessary to tenderize. Aging antelope can ruin it. Skin, bone out, and on ice soon after the shot. Then in the freezer as soon after that as one can. When boning a freshly killed animal out, don't cut across the grain of the muscle. This causes toughness. Once rigor has set and released, you can cut across grain with no effect.

Unless it is very close to a road, all of my elk get boned out. Most of my deer are far enough back as well. Otherwise they are quartered and packed.

I use Hi Mountain seasoning for jerky. Both the dehydrator and oven racks on lowest heat with the door cracked make for good jerky, though I prefer the oven made stuff a bit more.

I've used Cabela's summer sausage kits and it makes for excellent summer sausage. Mix in some chunks of pepper jack cheese and people will be knocking your door down to get some (if you make the mistake of sharing some in the first place!).
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