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I swim with my grandkids at an isolated private rural lake several times each summer. While I'm not worried much about the place being overrun by trouble, I will have a handgun secured in my truck and a folding knife on me. Getting tangled in fishing line is always a possibility when swimming in lakes or rivers that are also fished. Having a knife handy is not unreasonable. Neither is having a gun handy in any situation where I am charged with protecting my grandkids.

blacktimberwolf has clearly stated his disdain for the American right to keep and bear arms more than once. His lack of understanding does not bother me. The comments of hand wringing and paranoia from people who should know better does bother me though. It is the same verse sung by those who feel carrying or even owning weapons is a sign of paranoia in a civilized society. Yes, I carry a gun and/or knife most of the time. I have both the right and obligation to protect myself and those in my charge whether it is at the mall, lake, or my backyard. I don't give a rip if that confuses or offends anyone.
"Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools do." Benjamin Franklin

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