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That Goex plant has experienced seven explosions/fires since 1997 when it became operational.

June 2011: About 1,000 pounds of black powder explode in the
Goex corning mill plant. One worker is slightly injured when he
slips and falls during the evacuation. Temporary evacuations are
ordered in the immediate vicinity.

July 15, 2006: A fire and a "small explosion" cause no injuries at
the Goex black powder facility.

Nov. 3, 2004: Goex explosion; no injuries.

Oct. 31, 2001: An explosion at Goex injures two employees and
causes $2.5 million in damage.

Jan. 25, 2000: A flash fire and explosion at Goex burn one

Nov. 5, 1998: A worker dies in an explosion at Goex.

The 2011 explosion in the corning mill building was caused by a piece of quartz. In the accident report it was noted that floor sweepings should not be thrown into the batch.

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