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I don't have any BP cartridge guns.

As for dirty brass not making any difference.

Clean brass absolutely does go through sizing dies better than dirty brass. The difference in force required is amazing.
Who said my brass is dirty?

It has been polished. It is clean. It is stained, but it is not dirty. There is a difference between Dirty and Stained. My Stained brass runs through the sizing die just as easily as brass fresh out of the bag.

Here are a few boxes of my Black Powder brass. It has all been polished. Yes, it is stained, but it is not 'dirty'. It slides up in the sizing die just fine.

I have loading blocks that hold 50 cartridges, there is just something cool about 50 45-110 loads that are all shiney ..... new looking.

When I load 45-70 I use loading blocks that hold 20 rounds. Yes, this photo has been staged, and the brass is brand new. But you get the idea.

Don't get me wrong. I like shiny cases fresh out of the bag too. Here is a batch of 200 45 Colts being loaded into shiny new cases.

And here is a batch of 200 44-40s being loaded into shiny new cases.

But this batch of 44-40s will shoot just fine. The brass may look dirty, but it is not, it is clean. Stained, polished and clean. Runs through the sizing die like poop through a goose. And it hits everything I aim at.

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