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Savage 110 Lightweight Storm: Stock

Hi All,
Does anyone have any experience with this specific rifle? The lightweight design is appealing to me. Savage website advertises this as 5.65lbs for short-action models. But, my main concern is the rigidity of the synthetic stock. I just hate when a synthetic stock will bend around at the fore-end. It just seems so cheap. The other bummer IMO is that the Lightweight Storm does not have the adjustable comb height that you find on the AccuStock models. This probably boils down to being as light as possible. If the Lightweight Storm had an adjustable comb height, I would probably just forget about the potentially flimsy stock fore-end.

On another note, I own a Savage 110 Scout (.308) rifle with the "AccuStock" and I am AMAZED by it. I absolutely love the rifle. The stock is all of the good parts of a synthetic stock without the negatives. However, the 110 Storm with the AccuStock comes in at nearly 2 lbs heavier (7.4 lbs), and is a good bit larger overall.

Again, the lightweight design is my focus in this case. Buying the 110 Storm with the AccuStock would be too similar to my other rifles, that it wouldn't really be "necessary". Lightweight and more compact could have a spot in my cabinet!
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