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low light

I do not own a VX Freedom scope of any kind, though I am considering one at present. But I own a fairly large number of it's predecessors, mostly Vari-X-II's of assorted models, another fair representation of M8 fixed powers. All of those are bright enough for me to hunt with under any reasonable or legal circumstances. My lone Vari-X-III and an FX-2 do not seem to offer any appreciable difference afield.

It may help that my old Leupolds are mostly low powered by today's standards, the largest being a 3-9x40. It may also help that I am very fortunate to retain decent eyesight, though into my 60's.

If one wants to spend more money on a scope, so be it, I wish'em all the best, but the affordable Leupolds, even older used ones, are working for me. As the cost of my shooting goes up and up (like everybody else) I spend more on ammo and components than glass these days.
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