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I built a rifle, I loaded 120 rounds with 12 different loads that consisted of 12 different head stamps, bullets with different powders and different wrights of powder and then headed for the range. When I finished firing the 120 rounds I knew what the rifle liked. The groups moved around but did not open up and there were no flyers. Some groups shared the same hole and no group was larger than a quarter. That would be 10 holes in one group and I was not there to show off.

I loaded another 120 rounds of 12 rounds of 10 rounds each and took the rifle to the new owner. I instructed him to determine what the rifle liked, For him life is much simpler; he went to the range, fired one round and then zeroed the scope and put 9 holes on top of the first hole. I had to call him to determine what the rifle liked. He said it did not matter; all he had to do was zero the scope when changing ammo. He did not like the trigger so I suggested he purchase one he liked and I would install it.

I purchased a new rifle with 4 boxes of Federal GMM 300 Winchester mag ammo' I headed to the range. The rifle required work and adjustments. The 74 round went through absolute zero; I moved over and then handed the rifle to the new owner with the last 5 rounds. He put the last 5 rounds through the same hole.

At the same time I started on another 300 Win Mag; it was a Winchester model 70 in 300 win mag. It did not shoot groups, it shot patterns like a shot gun. Winchester and I had words, the warranty shop sent the rifle back to Winchester and things got worst. Time past, they sent the rifle back to the Warranty shop in a new box. That had to be 16 years ago, last year I loaded another 120 rounds thinking I should get over it and then I got over it. I sent the ammo to Alabama to be fired in the other 300 Winchester Mag. The old owner said he replaced the scope and needed the ammo so he took one box to zero the scope.

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