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I have worked with many security officers who would not be ready to engage any type of physical threat. The issue relies with the companies. They will litterally hire anybody. I had orientation with a guy who did not understand english very well at all. When we took the test, I realized he did not understand that he had to answer the true/false questions after the multiple choice, I let the trainer know, they told him and he was hired.

That is why I prefered or would prefer a higher risk site. They generally send the best they have there. Unfortunately the best is very few and far between. The first armed crew I worked with at our highest risk site was amazing. One of our guys was leaving to join the military, they sent us so many replacements that were not cut out. The two we ended up getting we warned our company about. They were very immature and after high risk situations we warned them of, their responce would be that they would SHOOT them!!! It's scary out there. I ended up heading back home for a funeral and therefore took the weekend off, the two green replacements ended up getting beat up and one had to go to the hospital for minor injuries.
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