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Kentucky Dem Caucus to Ban Guns on Floor?

The Democratic caucus of the Kentucky House of Representatives is considering a ban on openly carrying firearms on the House Floor.

Kentucky is generally a very gun-friendly state but it seems the sight of a couple of openly carrying constituents was enough to scare a couple of the big city (Louisville) Dems enough to ask the House Leader to ban guns. He has referred it to the Democratic caucus.

There is a question of whether this would violate Kentucky's constitution which, on it's face, prohibits regulation of guns except for concealed carry. However, restrictions on carrying in schools has been upheld.

There are a lot of conservative and gun friendly Dems in the Kentucky House, so I'm betting nothing happens. I also noticed state police follow anyone carrying in the Capitol Building. I guess it's a sign of the times.

I couldn't decide whether I should laugh or grimace in disgust when the story referred to the state police escorting a man out of the Capitol only to find out he had an empty holster.
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