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Three responses with no relation to the topic of the thread. Since no one knows the answer and instead seems intent on posting unrelated emotional responses about how much they love their dog or seems to care about the legal impact of their pooch and his actions I am going to request the mods close it before it gets silly and stupid.

I have dogs for companionship, and they are little noise makers. But I would never send them out to face the enemy looking for me.

Simply, if the felon is motivated to hurt me, he'll kill the dog. And if that felon is so big, strong and bulletproof, then neither I nor the dogs should be facing him.

In my neck of the woods a lot of pimps and bangers have attack dogs, and I'll bet the reason is much the same in your area. The owner doesn't have the stones to fight his own battles. I won't risk the dog.
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