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In my youth I participated in karate instruction but judo attracted me because it was real hands on stuff. Judo put muscle mass on me faster than weight lifting. The muscles I developed were built for endurance as well as power and were developed more fully. Then again, I was taught by Koreans. Their workouts are extremely tough. Anyway, when I started judo my best benchpress was 200 lbs.. After one year of judo, I was able to bench 215 for 5 reps. And this with nothing but judo. No weight lifting. Also, after that year, I was able to power up my own body weight (166lbs.)
straight up over my head. It was not a strict military lift. It was just getting it up with all my might. So, the benefit of the wrestling martial arts is tremendous. It definitely packs on power, endurance and speed. I was my sensei's favorite pupil which had the honor of being his technique dummy. I also was placed in charge of new judo students to teach them the first principals. I was fearless, stoic to pain and
intensely competitive. Like a true Korean. That was a long time ago.

But now I'm 52. The muscles are gone. The injuries are coming back to haunt me. My endurance is shot. I work 12-13 hours a day. The bod is just worn out. What I recommend for those who have not had any martial arts training and are over the hill is to seek a class (best) or watch a video (next best)that teaches PRACTICAL easy to learn self defense. Then take it home and daily visualize the techniques taught. Also there have been some excellent ideas in this forum. I don't recommend a formal martial arts school at this stage of our lives. But for us, the first line of defense is a gun, then a knife or club and finally hand to hand. Get that permit to carry! What are the odds of me at 52 overcoming some strong 19 year old attacker with a weapon? Not too good, even knowing what I know. So, be smart and get the concealed handgun permit. I can remember my sensei telling us that all the black belts in the world would not help us against an attacker who goes berserk. We would be in the fight of our lives. We were young and strong then. How much more now that we are no longer young and strong! Get that permit!
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