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After rereading Jay Baker's post, I want to reiterate a point he brought up that is crucial: "the worst thing that can happen is to allow your attacker to get close enough to you to physically touch you, with whatever weapon he(she) has. Club, knife, gun, pipe, screwdriver, anything."

Anyone who is close enough to touch you is in your kill zone. If someone is in your kill zone, feigning friendliness, he can stab you with a knife faster than you can react. It is just too quick. Never, ever allow a stranger in your kill zone. If someone comes up to you acting friendly and invades your kill zone, increase the distance immediately. I have a friend who is a vietnam vet that warns people to vacate his kill zone. They immediately back up. He explains how he is a vet and just gets a little nervous. He makes it out as if the problem is with him. It also warns them that he could be a dangerous fellow seeing as how he is a combat veteran. This works well for him. However, if any stranger enters your kill zone, I guarantee you it is not for your good. Increase the distance immediately or be the first to the "punch". There are too many knife victims that were suckered by the pretended friendliness of the slayer. This pretended friendliness allowed the slayer to enter their victim's kill zone easily. BOTTOM LINE: NO STRANGER OR AGGRESSIVE PERSON ENTERS YOUR KILL ZONE. It might be good to reread Jay Baker's post.
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