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I will share a ladies experience that we all can learn from: An attractive young lady was enrolled in a karate class. Her sensei recommended a particular pepper spray for her protection. He taught her that the pepper spray in her purse was useless if attacked. So whenever she left a store she carried the pepper spray in her hand on the way to her car. This became a habit. One day at a large mall in broad daylight she was attacked by a male in the parking lot. Her immediate reaction was to spray her assailant. He instantly fell to the ground writhing in agony. She drove off. Later, she thanked her sensei for teaching her to keep the spray can in her hand and not the purse when she was out and exposed. Can you see how useless that pepper spray would have been in the purse at that moment? Whether it is pepper spray, a gun, or a kife, etc., this true story gives us alot of instruction
for minimizing the sudden, out of the blue, instant attack. She was prepared and the sudden attack was no advantage to the attacker. Jay Baker you make an excellent point, as you all have that have participated in this discussion. Thank you all so much.
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