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I, too, in age, am "closer to the end, than the beginning." I'm not about to try a bunch of "smooth moves" against a criminal. I know that the worst thing that can happen is to allow your attacker to get close enough to you to physically touch you, with whatever weapon he(she) has. Club, knife, gun, pipe, screwdriver, anything.

Obviously, there are times when an attacker can close on you before you have a chance to stop him. But in the main, being watchful, you'll have the warning that preceeds an attack.

I am always in Condition Yellow. And, I carry a handgun. If someone tries to attack me or my wife when we're out, I intend to pull my handgun, instantly. If the perpertrator does not IMMEDIATELY CEASE AND DESIST, if he advances one step, then his relatives the next morning are going to be doing some slow walking and soft singing.

I've seen far too much violence committed by criminals, and the resulting horror of victims who were attacked, to EVER give an attacker an "even break."

"Even breaks" are only viable in stupid movies and teeeeeveeee shows. No criminal is ever going to give you an "even break." Why give him one??

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