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"I'll take luck over skill, any day." I won't argue with anybody who says that I've been lucky in avoiding personal conflicts. I haven't had a fight since I was a highschool senior in 1951, and I didn't start that one. I also don't think I'm a weenie, having wandered around off-limits and red-light districts around the world.

I think that alertness and common-sense has played a large part in my avoidance of trouble. I don't get argumentative, so I'm not a center of controversy in a bar. I watch what others are doing or saying; if things look like they're getting out of hand, I have no problem in going somewhere else.

On the street, I'm in Condition Yellow--and I still, at my age, walk with confidence, not looking like an easy victim.

I agree with the preceding posts about what Joe BelowAverage can do--and a CHL doesn't hurt. But the brain is the best weapon for controlling the environment and thus the odds.

, Art

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